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Perx Place Fundraising

How Perx Place Hassle-Free Fundraising Works

You can use the Perx Place fundraising platform to get team uniforms, gear, and accessories. Money is automatically collected for you, items are shipped to you, OR directly to the recipients. The real beauty of the Perx fundraising platform is everybody wins! Every donation helps you get affordable and name-brand apparel, gear, and accessories, donators get deals & discounts, all while generating revenue for your program.

Just Send Your Info and…


  • Unique, custom-made web page
  • An easy to share link for athletes and their family and friends
  • Proceeds from every donation


  • A year-long subscription to PerxPlace
  • 500,000 opportunities for savings
  • Savings in over 10,000 cities
  • Greater rewards for greater donations
    • $25
    • $50
    • $100
    • $200+


  • Funds collected reports
  • Tracking for fundraising details like time remaining
  • Notifications of proceeds delivery

A true win-win-win.

Perx features a donation type application where the donator receives rewards based on the size of the donation. Great for coach to raise needed funds for the program and the players can earn their competition collection.

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