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Competition Collections

Our competition collections are unlike anything you’ve every seen before. Get your team the gear they want by creating a custom competition collection. Oh, and one other thing… it comes in a box.

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Check out our Hockey Competition Collections. Fans can choose from three great boxes full of spirit gear or they can choose to buy just a jersey. 


Check out our wrestling Player Packs featuring Scraplife. We have 4 great boxes to choose from and 3 hassle-free ways to get them.

It sounds too good to be true, but everything was better. The quality, the service, the design flexibility were all top-notch. Oh… and we got our gear on time!

Jane Doe

VP of HR at the B Company

Some of our current Collections

Let us get your team necessities all boxed up and ready for action! 

  •  Hockey.
  • Wrestling.

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