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Hockey Competition Collection

Check out our hockey Competition Collections and replica jerseys. We have 3 great boxes to choose from or students and fans can order jerseys to help support the team.

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What’s a Competition Collection?

A Competition Collection is designed by brandtek for your team and for your team’s fans. The boxes include unique things for each sport but typically include gear such as t-shirts, hoodies, water bottles, and towels all branded in your school’s colors and logos. Some items are even personalized with player’s or fan’s names or numbers.

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How Do You Get Competition Collections?

We have 3 Hassle-Free ways to get Player Packs. All 3 options have options for single location delivery or delivery to each recipient.


Through our Hassle-Free Fundraising Program, Perx.


Purchase your Player Packs directly and have them shipped to one location or to each recipient.


Set up an Online Player Pack store where parents, fans or players can purchase.

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